Describe about the about racism and oppression

Racism and Social Work Practice

This 6-8 page paper in APA format: is an application-based assignment in which you will apply concepts learned about racism and oppression throughout the semester to envision and develop a proposed action plan to explore what you as a social worker can do to address issues of racism in your agency, your community, or the society at large. (It is understood that you will not be able to implement your plan at this time). You can focus on the micro (clinical), meso (agency/organization; community), and/or macro (policy; advocacy; social work education, societal) levels.

You are expected to utilize relevant concepts, models and research (i.e. racial identity development, multicultural organizational change models, the 4 I’s of oppression, community organizing strategies, etc.) to evaluate the issue of concern and develop an action plan for addressing it. It is expected that you will utilize additional readings and sources outside of the assigned course readings for this project and include 3-5 references in APA format