Describe the three primary functions of gis

This module was designed by ESRI to provide you with an overview and foundation for the GIS software. The module will address terminology and key concepts in GIS as well as provide led simulations that allow the student to navigate the basic components of the ArcGIS software. You must gain an understanding of these terms in order to understand the functionality of ArcGIS.

Visit Esri Training | Getting started with GIS (for ArcGIS 10). Click the green button that says “Go to Course.”

Complete “Module 1: The Big Picture of GIS” and address the following in a Word document:

Define what GIS stands for.

Describe the three primary functions of GIS explained in Module 1.

Identify and describe the two types of geographic information.

Define the following terms:

Feature (Include the four components in your definition.)




Explain the difference regarding scale in regards to a GIS versus a paper map.

Describe what is found in the table of contents section of the ArcMap.

Describe how to change the symbol of a feature found in the table of contents.

Explain how you display map tips for a specific layer

Identify the following icons and explain how each icon is used in the ArcMap program.