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Determining the services required

Description. Services report for the visitors’ centre
With the two storey visitors’ centre proposed for the wildlife sanctuary at 53 Waiapu Road in Karori, Wellington (from assignment 1), the design has progressed to a point where the Trustees wish to know which engineers will need to be engaged to work on the design. They asked you to report on the services they will need to include in their building so that they can approach the appropriate subcontractors
From the list below indicate which building services are legally required, which although not legally required you would recommend and why, and which are not required for the visitors’ centre. Look at the building plans further on to help you determine what is needed.
A good way of presenting the building service information is in a spreadsheet. Below is an example of a spreadsheet layout:Building service Legally required Recommended Not required*Cold water*Hot water*Sanitary waste*Sanitary drainage*Stormwater*Gas*Electricity*Telecommunications*HVAC*Lift*Security and access*Rubbish and recycling*Building maintenance*Building management system
For those services that are not required, give reasons why they are not needed, or suggest why including them might be useful
You are to apply that knowledge to a specific building, and this is where there needs to be a New Zealand context. Why? With a set of islands set crossways in the westerly drift of weather, surrounded by oceans, and mountain ranges created by volcanic and tectonic plate activity, the result is a unique environment. The New Zealand building code and New Zealand Standards recognise this.
You will need to make use of the New Zealand Building Code clauses and New Zealand Standards

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