Development of the US Prison System

The purpose and goals of the US prison system have evolved through the gamut of simplistic corporal punishment and incarceration to modern-day alternative approaches, such as diversionary programs, restorative justice programs, and specialized problem-solving courts.

The evolutionary development of the US prison system has coincided with a greater understanding of criminal behavior as well as the criminogenic factors that influence such behavior.

Consequently, the US prison system’s goals on deterrence, punishment, treatment, and rehabilitation have also evolved. From a larger perspective, the system’s predominant philosophies have been influenced by political, legal, and societal factors.

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  • The early US prison system has gone through many changes. Discuss the significant changes and compare them to the modern prison system.
  • Explain how the purpose and goals of today’s prison system have changed from the earlier system. Discuss the differences that you see in terms of punishment, deterrence, treatment, and rehabilitation in today’s prison