Development Psychology

  1. Please discuss one example of prenatal learning. (5 points)  Include the stimulus they learned prenatally (3 points) , and how it is evidenced after birth (2 points) .  Discuss the various fetal/newborn systems required for this learning to take place (10 points). Note:  Systems is PLURAL, there should be at least 2 systems discussed (ex:  perceptual system)
  2. Compare and contrast the theories of Piaget and Vygotsky.  Discuss at least 2 contributions and  2 criticisms of each theory (8 points). Discuss at least 2 things the theorists agree on, and 2 they disagree on. (8 points).  Discuss modern research example for each theory that either supports or discredits each theory. (4 points)
  3. Define and discuss the core knowledge perspective (5 points).  Discuss all the specific domains of core knowledge (6 points).  Give one research example for 2 different domains of core knowledge (2 total examples – 4 points).   Discuss at least 3 criticisms of the core knowledge perspective (5 points).
  4. Define and discuss experience-expectant and experience-dependent brain development. (10 points)  What is the role of plasticity in these processes(4 points). Give at least 3 examples for experience-expectant, and 3 examples of experience-dependent brain development (6 points).