This coursework aims to enhance the student’s knowledge and understanding of the development process and the role of the various parties. Students will develop the ability to apply their knowledge to a real-life development opportunity, prepare a residual valuation for the identified site and put forward a proposal for a Client in a report format. The coursework is designed to necessitate research, financial appraisal, and careful assessment of the options available to the Client.Using the residential development proposal advise your Client on the best method(s) for funding the residential redevelopment proposals. GUIDELINES: Report writing The style of your written report must be professional and formal. The length of the report should be no more than 2,000 words for part 1 and 2,000 words for part 2. The report should be functional and to the point with direct answers presented in all sections. All the main points presented in the report must be clearly and adequately explained. As this is also an academic report, the sources of secondary and primary research information and ideas must be acknowledged in line with the Harvard Referencing System. Discussion of ideas and recommendations must be based on solid, substantiated evidence. Evidence of substantial research will be rewarded appropriately. Communication must be clear, effective and error-free throughout the report. The following should also be used as guidance:

Direct speech including writing in the first person (e.g. I, we, you, etc.) is inappropriate for academic/professional reports and must be strictly av Short and clear sentences must be preferred in order to avoid slipping into note form All abbreviations must be explained. Recommended Reading: Guy S and Henneberry J (2002) Development and Developers Oxford: Blackwells Isaac, D (1996) Property Development: appraisal and finance Basingstoke: Macmillan Ball, M, Lizieri, C and MacGregor, B (1998) The Economics of Commercial Property Markets London: Routledge. Bell, C (2003) Public Finance and Development Policy Oxford: Oxford University Press Cadman, D and Topping, R (1996) Property Development, London. Spon N.B. New edition of Property Development to be published in Jan 2008 Connolly, S (1999) Economics of the Public Sector London: Prentice Hall N.B. New edition of Economics of the Public Sector to be published in July 2008 Fraser W D (1993) Principles of Property Investment and Pricing Basingstoke: Macmillan, 2nd edition. Isaac, D (2003) Property Finance Basingstoke: Macmillan, 3rd edition. Millington A (2000) Property Development London Estates Gazette Ltd RICS (1995) The Private Finance Initiative: the essential guide London: RICS Stiglitz J (2000) Economics of the Public sector London: Norton, 3rd edition. Spenhill Ltd, (07/06/2012) Planning Application Number 12/10141 TESCO AT TOLWORTH HOOK RISE SOUTH SURBITON, The Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames. Available at: (last accessed 26/06/12). Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Environment and planning Local Development Framework – Core Strategy (last accessed 26/06/12) Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Environment and Planning (2010) Planning Obligations- Supplementary Planning Document (last accessed 26/06/2012). Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, Environment and Planning (2006) Affordable housing – Supplementary Planning Document (last accessed 22/11/2011). The London Plan (2011) (last accessed 22/11/2011). This document gives guidance on housing density and maximum parking standards which the Royal Borough of Kingston