Difficulties Experienced By At-Risk Students

Question 1:
Provide a description of your system s(East Tennessee) level of implementation of Response to Intervention. If your school has not yet developed a model for RTI for identifying students with learning disabilities, provide your school s current process for providing intervention to students who are learning below grade level or failing. Full credit will be given to those responses that provide enough details for someone outside your system or school to be able to implement the current process with minimal clarification.

After reviewing the document,”Difficulties Experienced By At-Risk Students”, analyze behaviors and tasks that you require of your students in the following categories (Questions 2, 3, & 4 below). Be sure to identify what grade and subject you are teaching. (High school special education)

Question 2:
Visual Perception

Question 3:
Auditory Perception

Question 4:
Body & Spatial

Question 5:
Develop a model for your classroom that can be used to monitor progress toward one curriculum standard. Be certain to include what assessments you will use to determine current levels of performance, interventions that will be implemented to remediate deficient skills, and what data will be gathered to make instructional decisions