Discuss about the jacksonian democracy

1. “Historians often use the term ‘Jacksonian Democracy’ when referring to the years from 1824 to 1848, because the ‘Common Man’ attained a higher degree of political significance than ever before. As President, Jackson made the spoils system a standard policy in government, became identified as the champion of Indian removal, and led in killing the Second Bank of the United States.” Explain these three events, including: a definition/description of each; how/why they are associated with Jackson and are considered “democracy in action” (i.e. the “will of the common man”); and their consequences. Be sure to answer each part of the question carefully and use specific information from the lectures to support your answer [for example, do not explain every detail of the Bank War, just the sections that are relevant].

2.”Jacksonian Democracy is difficult to define, but clearly it meant mass participation in politics and modern electoral techniques in campaigning for the presidency. Although this is most evident by Jackson in the Election of 1828, even the Whig Party adopted the Jacksonian Democrats’ campaign methods in 1840. In fact, these new electoral techniques also help explain why Henry Clay lost three different presidential elections.” Explain each of these statements separately. Give specific examples to support your answer.

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