discuss the intramodal competition between truckload, LTL and small package carriers.

1. Read the article below and provide a 1 page answer on your selected topic to include:



a) Why you chose the topic


b) What is the relevance to supply chain or transportation management


c)  Summary of the articles premise


d) Any conclusions or recommendations of that premise


2. Please discuss the intramodal competition between truckload, LTL and small package carriers. (4-5 sentences)


3. What is the importance of a motor carriers operating ratio (4-5 sentences)


4. There is a movement to allow twin 33′ trailers on all Interstate highways.  This is up from the current national restriction of 28′.  This will reduce the number of trips, carbon emissions and so forth by about 17%.  There is also a movement to increase truckload (TL) weight limits from 80K to 100K, another 25% improvement.  How would this TL increase proposal affect existing equipment (4-5 sentences)