Discuss whether the business problem could be solved using primarily qualitative or quantitative research design.
Research Paper Part 3

Purpose of Assignment

The Week 5 assignment is the third part of the Stages of Research Process Assignment. This part of the assignment gives students the chance to determine the best approaches to the design of the research such as qualitative versus quantitative and then looks at the sampling process. Students continue using their same study and look at real world business issues that can be related back to their own work or desired employment.

Assignment Steps

Using week 4 assignment (Attached) Create a 200-word assessment of the nature of the research design of Cell Phone Usage in the Workplace.

Include the following:

Discuss whether the business problem could be solved using primarily qualitative or quantitative research design.

Discuss the benefits of using both designs in the research study.
Preparing to Conduct Business Research, Part 2
In our business research problem of cellphone usage in the workplace has become increasingly more of an issue over the past few years since it is now more likely for employees to bring their cell phones with them to work every day. While most employers try to be understanding, it becomes a problem when employees become inattentive to their work duties and instead talking with friends and family at work. Our key business objectives is to increase the productivity of the workplace, reduce risk for the safety of associates, and improve customer satisfaction. The questions that must first be acknowledge would include; does cell phone usage cause a distraction from work productivity? Can cell phone usage benefit one’s company? And how does cell phone usage affect the consequences of assigned tasks? In making changes to resolving the issue of cell phones in the workplace these questions must be answered. We may then find the causes of cell phone abuse and implement appropriate policies in the workplace.
The cell phone has been amongst one of the various technologies which have been adopted to daily life and tends to consume much time of employees, hence distracting them from the intended work tasked to them. This requires for various variables and hypothesis to be put in place for watching over the operations of cell phone usage in the workplace; such as relaying important information to the managers and also relaying confidential information so that it doesn’t reach into the wrong hands. It is imperative that ethics, such as courtesy, should be used to enhance the smooth and precise relay of information from the manager to the subjects. This will ensure the business runs within a clear and timed scope as planned. Ethics such as respect is also important, this allows the employees to contact only business partners and not friends or family unless it’s an emergency. Respect also enables the employee to correctly use cell phones professionally and protect its workplace accessibility as it is one of the major assets used for communication. Because of this, there is the clear implication that the employees save on time as the cell phone is only used for transaction purposes and not much productivity is wasted. This will also help the firm to be more advanced, as information is passed confidentially remaining between the caller and recipient.
From an operational standpoint the variables would include; work performance, customer satisfaction, and overall profitability. When it comes to seeing the affect that cell phones have on a business, both quantitative and qualitative research would prove to be good research designs. By using a quantitative approach researchers would be able to see the statistical side of the issue and see the difference of using cell phones in the work place and how not having cell phones affects the overall sales of the business. Researchers would also be able to use surveys to collect data from customers to see their views on the subject since they are the ones pushing sales. However with qualitative research, researchers would be able to gain understanding of why cell phones are such an issue in the work place. Although the more you would research the issue eventually a hypothesis for a potential resolution would need to be found making quantitative the more superior research design.
Cellphone usage in the workplace has always been an issue. The purpose of this research would be to see the increase in productivity, increases in sales and a decrease in accidents around the store. By researching this issue, companies and businesses would be able to see how their associates would function without a distraction that is affecting not only how the work with their own tasks in the workplace but also how they interact with the customers around them also. With associates paying more attention to keeping the store in shape and making sure that the customers are taken care of, the highest expectation research might also show a spike in sales. With there being a spike in sales, it not only puts money in the pockets of the business owners but truly helps the associates and businesses as well. With an increase in sales there would be more money for payroll, bonuses for the workers, and money for other things to help moral and the store function properly.

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