discussion board 1272

A. After reading the chapter information, the PowerPoint presentation and viewing all of the videos in the Learning Module, in your own words, explain your understanding of “RACE.” B. Why is it important to discuss Race and Racism with Children?
2. What did you learn that you were not aware of prior to watching the video, “A Look at Race Relations through a Child’s Eyes.”
3. Address two important points that you took away from “Are Teachers Unintentionally Racist?”
4. A. Address the Four Stages of Identity Development in the video, “Why race matters and how to talk about it,” by Alex Kajitani. B.What component, idea, or concept will you carry with you into the classroom based on Mr. Kajitani’s lecture?
5. Review Curricular Connection, Materials, Environment, Interactions with Children, and Interactions Among Children on pages 84 through 93 in your textbook. In addition, peruse Table 4.2 Learning Experiences on pages 94 – 96. Following, list five ways that you will take well-meaning first steps toward incorporating racial diversity into your present or future classroom to include a family component.
6. Develop an activity, project, or presentation that would encourage children to honor their families? Be creative.
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