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It’s a whole other essay. If you think mine was depressing, try combining it with another about the climate! “I seriously doubt the next world war will start with one person’s death. You yourself said that you would fail your university exams by not taking more than one side. No, in this case I am not writing an academic essay, I’m just expressing opinions. And for you to doubt the next world war will start with one person’s death entirely demonstrates what I was saying. I’m sure nobody thought that WW1 was going to start when Archduke Ferdinand was killed. And I doubt anyone predicted WW2 would start when the first soldiers died. It is precisely that unwillingness to look at history and let it cause you to ask questions that creates the risks of repeating itself. Trevin writes: “You’re fear mongering. Do you read the news? The British economy is in a dreadful state as a result of Brexit.

The sad truth is that the people who voted for it are the ones most likely to be hit by the ensuing recession. Read this piece in the Economist for example. There is so much written about it that it must be willful blindness if you don’t see it. Even the British Government accepts we’re seeing a financial crisis and possible recession now. “Trump won’t honor NATO simply because nobody honors NATO. NATO works because everyone honours it. The minute that system fails, NATO fails. That is why NATO was quick to respond after Trump made these comment. “You likened NATO to the complex alliances before the First World War, then you admit that Trump doesn’t want to be apart of NATO. Nope, I didn’t liken NATO to the complex alliances before WW1. “Why do you start so strong and then blame the start of WW3 on Russia? By all statistics America is greatest in starting wars. I’m not nationalist, but it’s a fair point. I didn’t blame the next war on Russia, I presented a scenario which I clearly said was one of many possible scenarios, in which Russian military action in Europe could lead to another war. I actually imply in that scenario that America would also be responsible for that war, due to a Trump-led isolationist policy disrupting a NATO response. Clearly, Trump may not win, Putin may not invade Latvia. Anything could happen but my point is that right now things look very bad — there are a lot of corresponding events happening that can be pieced together to paint a worrying picture. Not playing through scenarios like this means we’re less likely to see dangers in the future. Not worrying is surely the most dangerous thing you can do.

Politics 1 person found this useful Good topics for an argument paper? Should the mandatory age for quitting school be raised or lowered, or is the current age of sixteen justified? Should people under eighteen years of age be required to have …parental permission to get tattoos and piercing? Should the curfew for teenagers be eliminated? What are the best topics for research papers? Research papers are so-called because it contains topics that arenot yet researched or discovered yet. So the best topics forresearch papers are topics or issues that have not… yet beendiscovered or researched by other people. What is a good topic for a research paper? Here is the list of suggested research paper topics below: 1. How does the internet have a positive effect on the youth? 2. Do you think the educational system places too… much emphasis on good grades? 3. Abstinence programs: Do they work? 4. Fast food. Are we taking it too far by blaming fast food restaurants for obesity? 5. Arming pilots. Good idea?