Divorce Harm Children
You are going to write an essay about an article titled Divorce Harm Children . I am going to upload the article in the attachment. the instructions for the paper is below.

The paper must be at least 3 complete, double-spaced pages and stapled at the top. A cover sheet should be attached that includes reaction paper title, your name, name of course, and time of course. Pages of the paper should be numbered. The first page should review the Yes side of the issue as presented by the author. The second page should review the No side as presented by the other author. The third page (and fourth if you choose) is your response to the topic–”Yes” or “No”–including how your response was influenced by the two authors’ arguments.

Grading Critera. THE FOLLOWING ERRORS WILL RESULT IN A U GRADE: One incomplete sentence. Example: Which Tom decided not to buy. One run-on sentence (two sentences punctuated as one). Example: Sheila tried to win the race however she fell during the last lap. Two misspelled words. A significant error in understanding the reading assignment. Inadequate coverage of the topic. Less than the required length of the paper. No cover page. Omission of any of the criteria in #3.