Do Human Ethics Apply to Robots?

Posthumanism is a speculative theory that seeks to re-conceive what is human. The post human is a future being whose basic capabilities so radically differs from what we consider human as to no longer fit our current definitions. 
Posthumanists seem to advocate a future in which robots, cyborgs, chimeras, and newly created species exist.  Given that the posthumanists plan for a world in which there are new species and transformed humans, it would seem that arguments regarding human and natural rights are problematic.  Assuming that they are correct, will our current ethical frameworks where we examine problems using duty, consequence, virtue, or divine command ethics still be suitable?  Would human rights still apply?  

Raymond S. Edge, John Randall Groves Groves. Ethics of Health Care: A Guide for Clinical Practice. 4th edition.  Cengage Learning ISBN-13: 978-1-285-85418-2

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