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The findings suggest that letting your child have a little bit of play time outside in nature before sitting down to do her homework might help her to concentrate, complete tasks and follow directions. 5. Become an advocate for your child in school settings. Sometimes your child needs little adjustments to help him focus in school. As a parent, if you can advocate for small changes, you can make a profound difference in your childs behavior at school. For example, one parent found that by asking the teacher to let her child get out of her seat occasionally without being punished, the child was able to pay attention more in class just by making this one change. 6. Develop an appreciation for what your child does pay attention to. For example, often a child is not paying attention to the course work in school, but he is paying attention to what all the other kids are doing.

Tell your child that his interest in other students shows a lot of caring and concern for others and intelligence about how other people get along and interact. Ask him to share his insights with you and comment on his abilities to understand what other people are thinking and doing. Praise your child at any opportunity for what they are paying attention to and find a way to reframe it as a strength rather than a deficit. 7. Find out what your child is paying attention to and encourage her interest in that arena. For example, if your child is interested in sports, rather than being discouraged that his interest will not lead to academic success, find a way to show him that you honor his interest and find ways to channel that interest. When parents try to discourage interests in their children, the child will feel that the parent does not understand him and feel alone. As an example, you could use an interest in sports to an exploration of the human body and how to encourage optimal functioning. This could lead to increased interest in science classes. In summary, the main principles of change are to maintain a positive perspective of your child and to stay connected to your child. By honoring his or her areas of intense interest you can transform your childs problems into strengths.