Does Prayer Really Work?

One might ask, is it possible to derive some psychological or emotion benefit from prayer regardless of whether God answers or not? In a research paper entitled “The Material Nature of Spirituality,” Savithri Ekanayake states, “Among regular practitioners of meditation and prayer, a higher level of psychological health has been observed. Anxiety and depression are lowered. Regular meditation and prayer decreases the stress hormone, ‘plasma cortisol’.” The research suggests that there are psychological, emotional and physical benefits to praying that are unrelated to any specific religious belief. The effectiveness of prayer depends not only on how you pray but on what you expect to receive from it. Often people are not looking for miracles to drop out of the sky; they pray out of habit or religious tradition. Prayer helps to release tension, stress, and anxiety, and makes them feel close to God. Just having a few moments of quiet time can improve a persons state of mind. In conclusion, prayer presupposes that there is a personal god listening on the other end who is intimately involved in the details of our lives. Although I know longer believe in such a God, I can benefit psychologically, emotionally, and physically from certain forms of prayer. As a Panentheist, I believe in a non-personal God who lives in all things. I benefit greatly from meditative prayer, for it aligns me with God, and thus, unites me with all things. Cleveland Glass was licensed as a Minister in the Church of God in Christ at the age of fourteen. He is now an independent thinker who writes and speaks on subjects related to theology, philosophy, and spirituality.

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