due in 12 hours answer them separately 1

Please read the instructions i attached and follow these:
Banerjee & Duflo Poor Economics, Ch 8 & 9
Ch 10 & Conclusion
Canvas-SDG #1 Ending PovertyForeign Policy-Mobarak “Instead of Bringing Jobs”
as pdf or link

Instead of Bringing Jobs to the People, Bring the People to the Jobs

Brookings Institution -Gertz & Kharas “The Road to ending Poverty” link only

The road to ending poverty runs through 31 severely off track countries

Written Blog Post #4 is due by midnight the day before the class meets.
Please answer these questions connected to your readings. Be critical.

For this week you are reading about micro-credit and its limits as well as other theories.Please answer the following questions critically:
Chapter 10 talks about the debate on pros and cons of development aid with leading economists Jeffrey Sachs (Columbia University) and William Easterly (NYU) pitted against each other. Each side has valid points. After reading for a few weeks about the issue of ending poverty, what is your take on this debate.

What is the basic argument for and against micro-credits that Banerjee and Duflo make? Do you agree with them?
Are micro-credits working in your assigned country? Do you agree with its limits? What is happening in your country with micro-credits or any other way to handle money, savings, trade?
Reflect critically on the article in Foreign Policy. Do you agree? Are therevalid points?
Is the article “Instead of Bringing Jobs” a reasonable approach to fixing seasonal poverty? Would this work in the country that you are doing research on? What are limits?
Read this article from 2017 and watch the video – do you agree? https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/opinion/2017/05/africa-poor-stealing-wealth-170524063731884.html

Which side do you take and why?
Are there other arguments that could be made and thus another side that could be taken? There is lots of information online; for ex.


answer them in separate:

Banerjee & Duflo Conclusion: What are five key lessons mentioned to improve the lives of the poor? Are these viable solutions or just speculations?
What role do institutions play in the success or failure of a society? Do you find their role significant? What can be done to improve the functioning of inadequate institutions?
Listen to Gary Haugen’s talk on the hidden reason for poverty. Do you agree with him? What are solutions?

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