Economic Importance Of Insects

Economic importance of insects. Biologically insect serve as food in many part of the world. Insect are used as source of food for human e.g. (grasshopper) and palm weevil. They are highly digestible protein and energy source .also they are the principal food for many birds and reptile and the survival of insect pollinated plant depend on them. Bees are not the important pollinator. In Africa and other part of the world pollination is largely done by flies and butterflies. Insect act as pest to plant, some insect that eat plant leaves affect the growth of plant there by reduce the crop yield and production of the plant. Some insect takes man as host thereby causing injuries that even serve for secondary infection. Insect that lives as parasite on the other animal causing diseases, reduce the meat value and a decrease in the value of hides and skin. Finally, Insect has provided biologist with outstanding material for genetic, physiological, development and ecological studies.

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