Effect of roasting methods on carotenoid content in carrot – custom papers

Effect of roasting methods on carotenoid content in carrotwritten report shall have a length of 2000 words and contain the followingsections:[El TitleChoose a clear title that describes your work well. I chose this title, if you find aninteresting title please feel free to change it[El IntroductionICIéEWhy is this work important? What are the research questions?[El Materials and MethodsDescribe clearly all procedures you have been using in the laboratory. Please find it inattachments[El ResultsDescribe clearly what results you achieved. please find it in attachments (excel93998)[El DiscussionIn the discussion you can critically evaluate your work. Did you achieve all your goals,or did the experiment not work at all? If it did not work, what would you do differentlynext time? Compare your results with published results.[El ReferencesBack up your statements in the introduction and discussion section with at least 10scientific references. Make sure to use the Harvard referencing styleThe length of the report shall be 2000 words i 10% excluding tables, figures andreferences, and word count penalty will apply.In the report, every page should be numbered in the footer. In the header of everypage please put your student number only. Do not include your name in the reportyour coursework shall be marked anonymously.All figures and tables shall be numbered and have a title. The number and title shouldbe present above the tables and beneath the figures.
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