Effects of energy dependence on US national security

Effects of energy dependence on US national security
Write an argumentative synthesis in which you select a position on one of the following issues:

1) Effects of energy dependence on US national security
2) Costliness of energy independence
3) Err on the side of caution in global-warming issue
4) Effects on United States economy
5) Aesthetic challenges in using solar
6) Inactions on global warming on the US economy
7) Nuclear power as a viable alternate source of energy
Your paper must encompass the following:

1) Compelling thesis statement (last sentence of introduction)
2) Compelling title
3) Introducing your issue (You can refer to the ideas presented in the introductory materials “Going Green”):
a. Synopsis of the possible causes and effects of global warming
b. Possible solutions presented
c. Your position on one of the issues 1-7
4) Use of three (3) or more sources (I will allow one outside source, but it must be an op-ed, editorial,

or some academically written article. Plus, there are quite a few untapped articles in the green version of the Text which is in the library or writing center 1C18. You are welcomed to peruse this version to see if you can find articles that help to support your thesis. In addition, for those of you who might take an economic approach, you are free to use ideas from the chapter “The Changing Landscape of Work in the Twenty-first Century” that you think helps to support your claim.)

5) Effective one sentence summarizations of central / thematic idea of sources
6) Interaction with sources in developing ideas (paraphrasing, quoting, & summarizing)
7) Student’s own voice in arguing his / her position
8) Four (4) or more major points that support your thesis
9) Appeals (Ethos, pathos, & logos)

10) Counterargument
11) Mechanics, grammar & usage
12) Work Cited & In text citations
This paper should be at least three (3) to four (4) double-spaced pages in length, and its first draft is due on Wednesday 24th in duplicate copies in class. Please review—in your syllabus—the consequences for late or non-submission of drafts on the day in question