Emma the Imposter

Emma had just finished a two-year business degree at the local community college. She was looking forward to the graduation ceremony in just a few days, which would make the whole thing seem more real. Several businesses in the area were offering interviews for graduates at the campus placement center, and Emma had signed up for them all. Emma’s first interview was with a large advertising agency in town. The interviewer introduced himself, and Emma introduced herself. They were both smiling and nodding pleasantly, but Emma was panicking inside. Her thoughts were racing, as she thought to herself, What am I doing here? I should never have signed up for this interview! I’m not ready for this kind of job! It’s too much responsibility! I can’ handle it! I don’t know how I even passed all these business courses – my professors must have just felt sorry for me or something I’m not that smart! What if they hire me and find out how stupid I really am? I’m not good enough to do this job! This is so humiliating! I should never have gone to college! Emma realized that the interviewer had asked his first question. “I’m sorry,” she said politely, “could you repeat that?”

1. Why is Emma thinking those thoughts to herself? What is she afraid of?
2. How can Emma reduce these feelings for her next interview ?
3. If you were Emma, would you have signed up for every interview offered? What advice would you give Emma in choosing what jobs to interview for?

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