Emotional Development And The Self Esteem In Children

One big question about self-esteem is, “The more you praise your child, and the more self esteem your child will have. This is correct, isn’t it? ” (Cyperparent, 2004). The answer to this question is not as simple it seems. It has been said that if you continuously praise a child, it may make the child question the sincerity of that adult, causing them to soon dismiss these praises as “fake” and eventually hindering their self esteem. Even young children can see through excessive praise and flattery (KidSource, 2004). This is very important in todays classroom. Research suggests that we should praise, but also challenge and encourage the student to take risks. Praising your children and your students should be only one aspect of raising self-esteem. The main aspect of this development should focus on how, “Helping children develop self-esteem involves listening, accepting, and praising. Self-esteem comes from acceptance. Links for Learning is the online tutoring and instant homework help site for students in Reading, Writing, and Math. Debbie is the mother of 2, with one on the way, and has been married for 5 years. She has her BA in Liberal Studies, her Master’s in Education, and is currently in the 1st grade classroom.

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