Employment project proposal

Employment project proposal
Actually you should make developed a system of finding a job: The system should entail everything from goals and intentions that dictate planned activity to role-playing of interviews. At collage my major is around accounting. So I am interested in a position as an accounting assistant at Hair Loss Control Unit (HLCC). HLCC is an international company that provides beauty services for individuals. The company specifically provides laser hair loss solutions to individuals, salons, spas and clinics. I learnt about this position after searching in a job-listing website known as Jobview.monster.com. A friend of mine recommended this site as the best sites to look for accounting jobs. Although there are several accounting related jobs listed in the website, I was only interested in the accounting assistant position because of the skills I possess.
The professional qualification requirement for this position is an associate’s degree minimum in book keeping or accounting. The position of an assistant accountant requires one to have some fundamental accounting skills. First, one has to have some adequate computer skills such as ACT CRM and familiarity with Microsoft Windows 7. Additionally, the advertisement also gives priority to those who are fluent in more than one language. Those with QuickBooks skills also stand a great chance of being absorbed into the company. Other skills required include knowledge in basic mathematics, record keeping and filing systems, automated accounting systems. Besides the technical skills, an applicant has to have the ability to communicate fluently, ability to stick to deadlines and have excellent decision-making skills. All these skills are listed under the job required skills segment of the job advertisement.
Some of the technical skills I possess match those listed in the advertisement for the position. For instance, I am familiar with all the operations of Windows 7, record keeping and filing, automated accounting as well as excellent communication skills. While I do not have all the skills required for the position, I believe some of the skills I possess are transferrable and will be very much applicable. These transferrable skills include the ability to work under pressure, negotiation skills, and time management skills, analytical skills, planning and setting of goals. These skills are especially more applicable to the assistant accountant position because of the general nature of the duties one has to undertake.
At the moment, the only information I know about HLCC is that it deals with hair loss treatment solutions. I also know that they have several clinics distributed worldwide. About the accounting assistant position, I know it will a part time engagement with the possibility of becoming full time after sometime. What I do not know, however, is how long it will take before one becomes a full time employee. In addition, the terms and conditions listed at the bottom of the advertisement appear to be only applicable to full time employees. Therefore, I would like to know the benefits that apply to a part time employee.
The most effective employment documents for the accounting assistant position will be curriculum vitae, diploma certificate, as well as a cover letter. According to the advertisement for this position, applicants are required to submit their cove letters and resumes to the company emails. They are also expected to indicate their salary requirement in the job application together with the amount of accounting experience one has. I believe the experience I obtained from working under the campus ball sports offices will come in handy in this application. I hope to be successful in my bid to get the accounting assistant jobs at HLCC.
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