eng amp 102 discussion 1

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Complete Part I of Letter from a Region in My Mind (pg. 1-19) before answering these questions.
Part I: Write a brief (approximately 200-300 words) response to each question.
Part 2: Respond to a comment or question posted by another classmate. Please mention them by name in your response.
OR– You may post two additional discussion questions for your classmates. Ideally, these questions will build off of your response in Part I and move the discussion forward.
1. ““The white man’s Heaven,” sings a Black Muslim minister, “is the black man’s hell”” (18). Baldwin acknowledges that this might seem simplistic, but argues that it is true. How does Baldwin believe black people will be treated in heaven? How does this impact his belief in Christianity’s hypocrisy? What role does Baldwin believe God should have in our society?
2. How does Baldwin incorporate vivid details, dialogue, and characters into his essay? What is the impact of including these details? What is the main purpose of this section of the essay- or is it a combination of multiple intentions (i.e., to entertain, persuade, create art, etc.)? Explain.
3. How would you describe the fear Baldwin’s father has about Baldwin’s belief that “he could do anything a white boy could do”? (pg. 8). How does this differ from the other forms of parental fear described?
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