English Composition

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Check out and read the Internet Resources for Unit 2 from COURSE MATERIALS.
Complete I:
1. A. Based on the feedback from students in this week’s discussion and from your facilitator, choose the topic for your research paper. Write down your working thesis and an introductory paragraph for your research paper. Copy and paste it in the space provided.
2. B. List 5 resources you have found for your paper. Put each resource in APA or MLA format. Label the type of resource you found: a book, article, website, etc. There must be one resource from each of these areas:
1. Magazine or journal article2. Book or Reference book3. Video/DVD/audio tape/television program/interview4. Website5. Newspaper, pamphlet or brochure
3. C. Use a Website source you have found for your research paper and write a short essay where you evaluate the Website according to the criteria in your textbook, Chapter 29, on page 338. Page 339 gives an example of an evaluation. Make sure you include the specific URL of the Website so that your facilitator can link to it. Cover all of the following criteria:
Author/OrganizationBalance or BiasQuality of InformationQuality of Writing and Design
Complete II:
Subject-Verb Agreement [Refer to Chapter 32, pages 418-421, in your textbook.] Take this Multiple Choice Quiz about Subject-Verb Agreement. Find the correct verb. List your answers in the space provided.
4. Lisa am going to the dentist.a. Correctb. Isc. Wered. Does
5. The students are going to the movie.a. Correctb. Amc. Isd. Was
6. This are going to be the easiest game of all time.a. Correctb. Isc. Amd. Were
7. Everyone at the restaurant is ordering hamburgers.a. Correctb. Amc. Ared. When
8. This is an interesting book to read.a. Correctb. Werec. Amd. Does
9. One time last year I were at the geysers in Yellowstone Park.a. Correctb. Wasc. Isd. Am
10.John and Beck are going to the concert.a. Correctb. To goc. Wasd. Is
11. Each of the residents are worried about the forest fire.a. Correctb. Hasc. Isd. Am
12. None of those girls go to college.a. Correctb. Goesc. Ared. Were
13. The last book we read, as well as the five in the library, was non-fiction.a. Correctb. Isc. Amd. Were
14. In your journal, summarize the processes you are using to take notes on the research information for your paper. Be specific. For example, you are probably using a different process for magazine articles than you are for Websites. Also answer the question, ‘What is the most surprising thing you have found out about your research topic so far?”
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