entrepreneurs1. What is it that entrepreneurs do Can anyone do this

2. Some models of firm size and innovation suggest that small and large firms play different roles at different times of the industry lifecycle. Recall one or more of these models and explain what factors may influence the small firm advantage and disadvantage.

3. In the context of corporate entrepreneurship, what is ambidexterity Why do we believe that firms need to be more ambidextrous now than in the past

4. Venture capitalists are “value-added investors”. What does this mean How do venture capitalists add value and what do they get in return

5. What is social entrepreneurship Why might it be ‘on the rise’ What criticisms or concerns may be levelled at social entrepreneurship in practice

6. What are the implications for policymakers and entrepreneurs that follow from the observations that most growth is concentrated in a small number of firms or that firm growth is episodic