erm methodology 1

Your final is the development of a paper that will require research. Research must be well applied and APA format used.
The exam requires you to apply Risk to a case study. Based on the Case Study in the textbook, Chapter 32, Constructive Dialogue and ERM, Lessons from the Financial Crisis. You will develop a paper describing at least 3 lessons learned from the crisis. Based on the lessons learned you will demonstrate how companies affected by the crisis were able to get through the crisis and come out successful. You will need to contrast your results with companies that were not successful. You are expected to provide ERM methods covered in the course and show how they are applied to the Lessons Learned.
Grading is as follows:
60% Content: Responding to the exam question with lessons learned and application of ERM methods.
20% APA: Proper APA Style
20% Writing: Good collegiate level writing is expected. Proof your responses.

Note:Here is the google drive link-i have uploaded the text book and video file.Please refer to that.…
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