My name is Rivozanov. I come from Bukittinggi, Indonesia. I was born 22 years ago, exactly in November 1987, in a Padang hospital. Now, I am studying in UKM, taking Information Science. I am in final year right now, I just presented my thesis yesterday (18th May 2009). I am very happy right now. I have one little sister and one little brother, which mean I am the oldest child. My father is 50 years old. Now, he is has been work in one of the bank in Bukittinggi, for almost 30 years. He is a very wise type of person. I admire him very much. My father graduated for master of economy and I want to follow his step. My mother is 45 years old. She is running a shop right now. My mom actually is a very gifted woman. She is very good in cooking. She will cook everything that I want. Nothing less from a Padang woman, they all cook very well.

She can sew her clothes by herself. She loves flower very much, so she has various flowers in the house. My sister is 20 years old. She is very beautiful. She is studying in UKM, taking oleo-chemistry and it is her second year right now. She is now dating with my friend. The first time I knew about it, I am very shocked. How can she and he do that? My brother is 19 years old. He is more handsome than me and has many girl friends. He is a naughty boy. Until now, he always made my mom angry with him. Now, he is studying in one of university in Jakarta. We love each other very much, even though we are living apart, my sister and me here in Malaysia, my father and my mother in Bukittinggi, and my brother in Jakarta. We gather together only during holidays and Islamic feast days. We are a very nice family.

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