Essay about service learning project

Essay about service learning project

In service learning, we went to UNLV’s stadium and pick up garbage after a game, please write a essay above 1500 words and follow following rules

Clear purpose statement & overview of topics

Provides clear explanation of their duty

Offer specific examples of their contribution

Discusses their committee and their role in the project (team members’ involvement)

Discusses the organization (Rebel Recycling) in depth & clearly understands its purpose and value

Expands on the importance of their project and how it relates to the community

Provides specific examples of outside influences, such as economics, on why their project was important/useful

Civic Engagement Clearly understands the importance of civic engagement 10 Gives specific examples of their own outside and/or inside the project parameters and/or world at large

Connects civic engagement with their own life and/or their world in general

Critical Thinking Discusses assumptions of project and uses relevant examples

Offers suggestions for how the project can be better

Discusses their own challenges and provides suggestions on how they could improve.