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Many screenplays use a narrator to provide background information and to progress the story. Viewers never see the narrator but can hear him speak. Because a narrator is not designated as a character, you use the word NARRATOR as the character cue, followed with (V.O.) for VOICE OVER. Not all narration is NARRATOR (V.O.), Sometimes you will have a leading character interject parts of his life into the movie through narration. In this instance, you include the character cue with (V.O.). Parentheticals (also called parenthetical directions or wrylies ) reveal how the character speaks his dialogue or what action the character is doing when he speaks his dialogue. A parenthetical can reveal the character’s attitude/emotional feeling or verbal direction when speaking his dialogue, or it may provide subtle direction for the actor who is playing the character. Like most elements in a screenplay, parentheticals must be brief, concise, and descriptive.

Only use parentheticals when absolutely needed. An experienced screenwriter uses them sparingly because his action blocks and dialogue are enough. Another reason to avoid parentheticals is that directors and actors often interpret how to deliver a piece of dialogue or in which direction to act out a scene. One common technique in using parentheticals is when action interrupts the character while speaking, but he then later continues his dialogue. Brian yanks the bed sheets off of Elisa. I’ll make you some coffee. Put parentheses around parentheticals and always place them on a separate line. Signifying the end of your screenplay is easy. You simply insert (in ALL caps) FADE OUT. Then insert three line spaces and insert THE END in ALL caps and underline it. Here are a few additional stylistic rules to follow when writing and formatting a screenplay. Do not center character cues, or their proceeding dialogue. Do not add a colon after a character cue.

A Character Cue occupies only one line. Do not use bold, italics, or underline text in a script. Use ALL CAPS for emphasis. Two (character) spaces always follow punctuation at the end of a sentence. This is why you see two spaces after a period that ends a sentence. Two spaces always follow a colon. Keep your screenplay under 120 pages, but no shorter than 90 pages. Remember that one page equals one minute of screen time. Insert the page number at the top right-hand corner. Add a period after the number to indicate that it is a page number and not a scene number. Never use the word “Page.” Just use the number. Page counts start with the first page. You do not count the Title page. Do not put a page number on the Title page or the first page of “FADE IN:”. Leave the header blank, except for the page number. Leave the footer blank. Do not write CONTINUED or CONT’D at the top and bottom of each page. Remember to spell out single and double digit numbers, times (ten o’clock), as well as personal titles (except for Mr., Mrs., Miss), and nearly all other words. A Character Cue or Character Name is either the name of the character (FRED), or a description (FAT WOMAN), or an occupation (MECHANIC). Characters with less than a few lines of dialogue in the entire screenplay do not need a Character Cue or a Character Name. Print your screenplay on 20lb. white paper, with a three-hole punch. Print on one side only. I created this special Hub to help students and graduates identify the best screenwriting competitions. I show you how to page number your screenplay the right way. A collection of the best screenwriting software used by professionals in the entertainment industry. I have rounded up the best collection of free ebook on screenwriting. 0 of 8192 characters usedPost CommentNo HTML is allowed in comments, but URLs will be hyperlinked. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

The harder the table was being hit, the higher the amplitude rose. This proves my hypothesis was correct. I believe the results are accurate because while the experiment was in progress, the frame moved at the same rate as the table. It was proven in trials one through three that the increased magnitude of table movement caused the greatest amplitude differences on the seismograph. It is clear, therefore, that the movement of the frame also corresponds to the amplitude of the seismograph. The bar and marker shared the same relationship with the table and the frame. The more the frame moved, the greater the amplitude on the seismograph. In order to further investigate this problem, next time I would try the experiment on a different surface and would add additional movements of varying forces for further readings on the seismograph. Do draw a picture of the experiment, if appropriate. Dont say that the purpose was accomplished and then say nothing substantially more. You must include data from the lab results to demonstrate that the purpose was accomplished. Dont give the procedure again. Dont list the data again. It was already listed in the data (chart, table, etc.). You are to discuss and draw conclusions from the data. Dont forget to break up your ideas with more than one paragraph, if necessary. This is referred to as an essay! Cheryl also suggests that the basic format suggested by Dr. Wile: Title, Date, Observations/Data, and Conclusion/Summary is adequate for 7th, 8th and 9th graders and the full format for documentation that she suggests above is optional.