essay on the modernist landscape movement of roberto burle marx

Roberto Burle Marx- 8-10 pages needs minimum of 5 academic sources (2 provided)- no book needed just research
focus primarily on one or two of his works as case studies some beginning thoughts and notes provided below
-credited for the introduction of the modernist landscape movement into Brazil

probably cannot simply focus on one design or work, but more of his works as a collective in correlation with tapestries and graphic design
like a modern architect, he simply changed the medium of his work
arial perspective can be pretty important for his works
considered himself to be first and foremost a painter

“Considering himself foremost a painter, he treated his landscapes as works of art, utilizing bold combinations of massed plantings, and colorful amorphous paving patterns as his palette” (cultural landscape foundation)


wanted to preserve and beautify

For my final project, I wanted to learn more about city beautification and public space design in terms of cityscapes/landscapes coming out of the post war industrial era. I was especially interested in cities such as Barcelona, using materials unique to its geographic location off the Mediterranean coast. After doing some research on the topic of landscape and cityscape design, I found a few articles and works by Roberto Burle Marx. It is stated that he was credited for the introduction of the modernist landscape movement into Brazil after studying painting in Berlin. I figured that since Marx never really designed a building, but fabricated many beautiful public spaces in South America, I could pick out several of his major works pertaining to spacial design and medium, and compare them to the earliest forms of city beautification/redesign seen in Europe in the 1920s.

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