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Ethical Dilemma: Actors Involved
The controversial “Stand Your Ground Law” has been used in two recent shootings in Florida.
A Florida teen, Jordan Davis, was shot to death on Friday, November 23, 2012. The young man was riding in a car full of teenagers playing loud music. He was allegedly shot by Michael Dunn due to the loud music being played from the car.
You can read more here:
Florida man pleads not guilty to shooting teen to death over loud music
Michael Dunn gets life, plus 90 years for Jordan Davis killing
The 2016 Florida Statutes
Provide a 2- to 3-page summary of the ethical issue and address the following issues in relationship to the ethical dilemma presented:
Summarize the ethical dilemma presented.
List the actors involved in the ethical dilemma.
Provide a definition of morality and ethics.
How could this dilemma have occurred in a “good society”?
Discuss whether situational ethics were applied in this dilemma.
Provide alternative solutions to this ethical dilemma.
Support your responses with examples.
Cite any sources in APA format
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