Ethical Issues in Health Information Management – Discussion

This is a graded Discussion. Please refer to the Discussion Board Grading Rubric in Course Home / Grading Rubrics.

Respond to all of the following questions and be sure to respond to two of your other classmatesā€™ postings:

  1. What are the differences among ethics, morals, etiquette (values) and laws? Give examples.
  2. What factors influence the ethical decision-making process? Give examples.
  3. Why do physicians still recite the Hippocratic Oath?
  4. Is it possible for one person to have an ethical dilemma with a situation and for another person not to have a dilemma in the same situation? Why or why not?

Paper need 300 – 350 words, must be strictly on topic, original and well detail, repeatation with atleast 3 scholar rederences.