Ethics Case Study and Analysis

Ethics Case Study and Analysis
Paper details:

Review the principles and code of ethics of journalism. Refer to the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics website. Click on Journalism Resources, and then click Journalism Principles to review.

Use this website to look for info needed from here please.

Select an incident that has occurred in journalism during the last 10 years where there were poor ethical decisions. Gain faculty approval on your selected incident prior to beginning your assignment. The incident may include bias, plagiarism, or other issues. Refer to your text for additional examples, for instance, the phone-hacking scandal perpetrated by the British newspaper News of the World.

Analyze the example you have chosen. Identify the facts of the incident and ethical principles that were ignored or slighted that caused the incident to occur.

Write an article summarizing your analysis that includes the following:

Provide an overview of the facts of the incident.
Provide your opinion on what principles and codes were not adhered to.
Describe the importance of personal responsibility in the role of the journalist.

Cite at least two references not including the text.