Ethics- case study written assignment

Ethics- case study written assignmentConsider the hypothetical scenario presented to you here.

Sandra is a bright and educated 45-year-old woman who is the current head of human resources in a rather large company. She began with the company out of high school at age 18 and has worked her way up through the addition of a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree to the current position she holds.

On Thursday afternoon, Sandra learns that her company is considering bringing back an employee from years ago that she had a sexual harassment encounter with, with her being the victim of said encounter. Days after the encounter he put in his two weeks’ notice and left the company for undisclosed reasons. Sandra never mentioned the incident to anyone, putting it behind her since he left the company.
As Sandra looks over his resume to assess whether or not to recommend him as a hire, it is clear that he has the skills to turn around the floundering, yet key, division of the company and no one else even comes close experience and skill wise. What should she do
For this scenario pretend as though you hold a supervisory position within the HR department of said company. Remember the HR department is there to protect both the business and the employees simultaneously.

In a 2-4 page paper explain the following ideas:

How would you react to this situation given your position in the company
How would you protect the employee
How would you protect the company
What are the final determinations set forth by your HR department given the situation
Your reactions to this scenario should be based primarily off of the flow of the graphic organizer presented in the lecture material. The organizer acts as a flow chart to guide you on your path to an ethical outcome. Therefore, please keep the organizer in mind as you respond to the previous four questions