Word definition and analysis

  1. Euphemism

1- Define Euphemism:

  1. is substituting an indirect or an unclear expression for one that could be offensive. Some expressions could be considered a direct attack upon an individual or a situation. To make the idea given appear mild and less harmful, a different and more polite word is chosen. It promotes pleasantness in utterances.

2- An Example from an Article

  1. According to the pastor of Trinity Church in Arizona, Mark Driscoll, polygamy may soon come back into common practice if the traditional definition of “one man one woman” marriages keep vanishing at the rate that it is in modern-day America. Voicing his disappointment at the recent acceptance of gay rights across America, the pastor feels that soon people will demand all kinds of marriages that are not in accordance with “God’s plan.”


3- Analysis

  1. A good example of euphemism in religion is the talk about polygamy. The pastor of Trinity church uses polite rather than derogatory language in communicating the adversities associated with polygamy in the society. He uses …in accordance with God’s plan… rather than “immoral” to address the institution of marriage.