Examine the effect of religion on the lives of women


Reflection Paper 1 Prompt:

The Reflection Paper will examine the effect of religion on the lives of women. Consider how religion enhances or restricts the rights and activities of women. Select one religion or belief system and state your argument clearly. Then, use incidents or specific individuals to support
your argument. Some research is recommended and you may utilize religious doctrine or texts to illustrate the religion’s perspective. The paper should conform in tone and character to the highest standards of academic English.


Your papers should coincide with the following requirements and formatting:

1. A formal introduction.

2. A clear statement of your position, i.e. a thesis statement.

3. A discussion, which includes evidence that supports your thesis statement.

4. The inclusion of any observations, perspectives or information that you feel is relevant to the discussion as a whole.

5. A formal conclusion.

6. Your paper should appear in Times New Roman 12 font, with standard margins, and should be double-spaced.

7. This paper should range from 4-5 pages in length

8. Approved Documentation Systems: Turabian, Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, and APA-a list of references is required, if sources are consulted.

9. Spelling, grammatical, and other mechanical may result in a lower grade. Students in need of assistance in this area may seek counsel from the instructor or visit CSUF’s Writing Center.