Examine the role of strategic human resource planning in support of organizational mission and objectives

You are to develop a complete Job Description for any job you wish. The Job Description should include a job summary, job duties and responsibilities, job requirements, and minimum qualifications.

 Once you have completed the job description you must develop a comprehensive plan that includes the following:

1. The recruitment process for the position. It should include:

     How and where you will recruit for the position

     What assessments you will utilize

     List of the questions that will be asked in the interview

2. Section on how you will appraise and manage the employee’s performance.

3. Section on the type of training and development program that will be implemented for this position.

4. Detailed compensation, performance reward and benefits or the position.

5. Section on how you will manage employee separation in the event the person hired does not work out, or needs to be laid off in the future.

You must be a detailed as possible.  The project should be 4 to 5 pages in length.  New Times Roman, double spaced, 12 Font.

Due Date: