Female Depiction in Rap Music Videos: Examining the positive/negative role models for young women

Methodology paper (4pages,single space, APA style 6th edition)
The introduction to my methodology should start out in the intro what is a content analysis why am I using
content analysis how will Content Analysis be used Data collection which will be analyzing by counting the
number of times you see women in revealing clothes their body movements as well as listening to the lyrics of
how many times they use provocative language towards females
It should be in a coding categories for instants list out categories and define which each category means and
provide basic example of a category which is the videos and lyrics
As stated above sample of videos criteria for video inclusion/justification
It needs to be perfect and to the tea an A paper
It should be organized by year and when it was first released and this is for the videos
also using the videos from different years and comparing the difference between the two
Once again it needs to be a constant comparative method. The case is Rap Depiction of women by using rap
music videos viewing time periods
Here are the three rap music videos you will be critiquing. ”Nelly Tip Drill released in 2000″, ”Lil WayneLollipop
released in 2008″, and ”T pain ft. Juicy J Make that Shit work released in 2015″. Needs to be in that

It needs to be an A+ paper all the way through (perfect paper) APA style 6th edition