fertilizer industry review and case limitation

fertilizer industry review and case limitation
The amount of source used doesn’t matter..
1.— I will provide a term paper …please read through and write only “Industry overview on Fertilizer industry, history, current development, different types, what are some of the important suppliers, future trends,current problem … etc……please use datas..percentages..
2. —Also include a part of “limitation&future outlook”…here is one important limitation you have to include: we try to contact the governments of selected 2 countries with a list of questions regarding deeper information in that industry…but none of them replies..so this leads to limitation…and please read the whole paper and find more limitations..also, give suggestions to this study case…future outlook

3. —Complete PESTEL table in the attachment.. The writings in the table is filled by others with other countries info…please follow the way it is written…
I already changed the name to the countries i would like you to finish–China, Kenya &Ghana….you can find most info in the term paper i uploaded..