film critique: the lion of the desert 1981

Briefly summarize the film in 1,000 words or more. Be sure to answer, in essay form, the following questions for the movie lion of the desert 1981

1. Why are the people taking arms to wage guerrilla insurgencies in the movie?
2. Based on the lecture entitled, "Stages of Insurgencies," what stage would you place the insurgency in the movie? Be sure to exmplain why.

3. Based on the lecture entitled, "Types of Insurgencies", what type would you label the insurgency in the movie. Be sure to rationalize why.

4. What kind of strategies and tactics are the insurgence using in the movie?

5. What determined how the insurgent groups treated civilian populations in the movie?

6. What counter-insurgency methods did the government or occupier use in the movie?

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