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pleace combine the reading material write an review around 350 words
film: The God of Cookery
reading: Below is the reading to accompany our viewing of “The God of Cookery.” Theseare excerpts from “The Storehouse of Laughter” (?? Xiao fu) by the well-reputedMing-dynasty historian and poet Feng Menglong (1574?1646). The “Storehouse” isa collection of jokes, and although it was written by a well-respected scholarlike Feng, you will see that the general tone is pretty earthy and graphic interms of the depiction of sex and human anatomy. The fact that what mightstrike some as crude and vulgar was pretty much mainstream in late imperialChina is in itself a very telling fact and the purpose of the reading isproviding historical context to the kind of humour that we saw in the 1997 “Godof Cookery.” Pay close attention to who is the butt of these jokes, and what ittells us about traditional Chinese society, and in writing your reviews pleasekeep in mind the comic narrative devices that struck you as different from whatyou are used to.
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