Dear Productivity Police:
First it was standing by the water cooler gossiping, then it was yakking on the phone, now my coworkers spend all day e-mailing, surfing the net and instant messaging their friends. It is unfair to those of us who work diligently ALL day long, not just when the boss is looking. Some of my coworkers claim that they stay late, work weekends and work from home, therefore, their use of technology to stay current and in-touch with friends and coworkers is fair. I feel that if they did their work during work hours all the extra time they spend would be unnecessary. I would like to see external e-mail, Internet access and IM functions removed from all workstations at every organization level and in every department. Don’t you agree? Plus, who knows what trade secrets are being leaked though these communications. And, I am sure that some employees are job searching on company time. Please help management at my company formulate equitable and enforceable policy that will create a more productive work environment for all employees. Please be specific and include all forms of technology in your recommendations.
An Under Appreciated Workhorse

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