First Off, What Defines Democracy In The Classroom?

Teacher’s usually teach a typical classroom, but just how much does the teacher teach? Most high school classrooms today have preset lesson plans, fixed agendas, and assigned texts that the teacher decides to use; but instead assigned to the teacher by the board of education of what the students need to know. This necessary material that teachers teach gives the students knowledge. Most high schools have this system of teaching, regardless of how well it worked in the past, it does not work well know. Democracy in high school classrooms does not work because of the overgeneralization it places on the classrooms, restrictions on the teacher’s abilities, and incorporations of outdated techniques of teaching. I would rather have the teacher teach the way she feels would be the most effective for the student in his/her classroom. We can write a Custom Argumentative Essay for You! First off, what defines democracy in the classroom?

The dictionary best defines democracy as majority rule. Democracy forms a control that incorporates learned-lessons and proven facts of the past. It takes away the idea that most people get a say in what goes on. They have representatives, elected by the board of education, that collectively get together to decide issues on, what they should teach in the classroom, and how well they would teach it.. When ideas conflict in democracy, the majority wins and the minority has to succumb to the democratic decision. With democracy in the classroom comes an extreme overgeneralization of how children learn and what they need to learn. Every class has a different dynamic, making the best possible approach different for each class. Some classes would do best with group work, while other classes produce the best results through note-taking, and lectures. Throughout most of my high school career I did not learn anything.

I would just pay enough attention in class to pass my tests. But there was one class where I did learn because of the way the teacher taught. It was my 10th grade history class it was a lot of group work, and a lot of projects. Those were thing that I like so I payed attention and got an A, but more important I still remember everything that I learned. I feel that teachers should have control of how they teach their class because they could adjust to the ways of the student so more students will learn. Just because the majority of teachers think one way of teaching works well does not mean that it will be successful in all cases. Some students learn better by doing group work because they like to interact with other students, but other students do not like to interact with other students.

This affects the students because they will not always get in the class that provides the best learning technique for them. In that case the student might struggle, and not obtain as good a grade. No. Everything, especially in the classroom, needs to have time to adapt to a specific environment. Most students need an environment that they could learn in, and would want to learn in. If students do not like the way a teacher teaches then they will not pay attention, and then they will not learn anything. But if the students do like it then they will pay attention, and they will learn. I do not feel that the burden should be placed on the teachers, but I do feel that they should make it more interesting, because they know that more students would listen if the class interested them.. This idea does not work in all cases because certain subjects can only be taught one way, but it will work in most cases.