for one page management homework.

Hobby Lobby Case Study Follow the five dimensions of ethical inquiry we discussed in class to complete this case study. You should not write any more than one page for this case study, and it does not need to be in paragraph form. Remember, per instructions on the syllabus, it should also contain at least one reference to the readings from this week. Here are the step by step instructions: First, you will complete the “Descriptive Dimension” of ethics. First familiarize yourself with Hobby Lobby by looking at their website ( Then read the following article by the New York Times ( and describe the legal and ethical case produced by Hobby Lobby’s’s religious position. At this point don’t offer a judgment, just describe the relevant facts of the case. Second, you will complete the “Normative Dimension” of ethics. To do this go to the Hobby Lobby website ( and look at their values, history, commitments, etc. Also look at the legal case website: Given your understanding of Protestantism from the readings and the information on the website, write what you believe are the norms on which Hobby Lobby bases their decisions. Third, for the “Practical Dimension” of ethics, you must address how the norms you named above are seen in this case. This involves two aspects: first, show where Hobby Lobby violates or upholds their own norms or morals, and second, tell me how they applied their norms in order to come to the particular positions they have. If they didn’t follow their norms, tell me where they went wrong, and if they did, tell me how they applied them. Do they perfectly carry out the Christian values they espouse or do they forsake them at some point? Is there any contradiction or tension? Fourth, for the “Fundamental Dimension” of ethics, I want you to describe how Hobby Lobby views the human. How does their understanding of humans affect the way they do business? Finally, for the “Metaethical Dimension” of ethics, I want to know what you think. In the Practical Dimension, you told me what Hobby Lobby should do based on their norms and morals. Now I want you to tell me what they should do based on your norms and morals. Tell me whether or not you agree with the decision you offered in the Practical Dimension and why. Be sure to identify what norms are guiding your own decision. Bring your completed case study to class and be ready to discuss. Good Luck!