For Those of You Who Feel "I Want My Ex Back"

A severed relationship with your boyfriend can be painful. Though you thought you would get over it in no time, much misguided by your pride and other accompaniments of feminine pride; you have realized that there is much more to cherish in your relationship with your ex than the petty quarrels that have torn you both asunder. You have resolved to yourself: “I want my ex-back”.

Before you step into any sort of corrective action, remember to “Refurbish” yourself, to change your perspectives and perceptions, so as to give a fresh outlook towards life. This will greatly enhance your confidence levels and also help you forgive and let go of the past; so that, you are not anchored to the past and its sorrows, but can head where the sails are taking you.

Here are some pointers on how you refurbish yourself.

Don’t get influenced by others: You are what you are and have all the confidence and positive energy to think ahead and act accordingly. How much ever others think in your shoes, they can’t really be you. Your orbit of living and life was well synchronized with your ex, and whatever has to be done to get back into orbit, only you can do it. Others’ advices be it friends or family should not be followed blindly.

Respect your integrity and the integrity of your relationship: As mentioned no overlapping relationships work out fine, what you maintain with your brother or mom cannot be the same as what and how you maintain with your boyfriend. Thus by respecting yourself and the integrity of your relationship, you are giving yourself the private space, which is much needed for regeneration of a relationship.

Give yourself time and don’t get timed-out: Remember that it is not difficult to get back to dreaming about walking down the aisle with your ex. But be patient, and steady in your actions so that neither your thought nor action is a result of impulse, which instead of patching up the relationship would tear it apart further.

Abstain from contact: If you have found out that your ex is not hitched to anybody else as a result of the break-up with you, be rest assured, you are still his heartthrob. But DON’T jump on it and overdo by pleading, apologizing or ranting your wrong-doings. It is OK to say sorry but constant demonstrating of self-reproach can be a turn-off for men. It might project you as ‘needy’ and that you are doing this just you because you need someone to lean on.

Be the new old you: Bring back the old charm into the relationship. The reason why your boyfriend got attracted to you was because you were different and attractive. Rewind: to ‘beautify’ once more, in and out, in spirit and soul. This journey of adventure is sure to send waves across to your ex that you are the rejuvenated old you which held him sway not long ago.

Well, once you are refurbished in the strictest sense your wish of “I want my ex- back” may just be a command for your boyfriend.