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One thing about all these brutal massacares, it is a FACT that some history writers didn’t really liked Chinggis Khaan because of at that time people didn’t kno shit about mongol and its people. They may have wrote it misleading way. I do think that if you see from genghis khan’s view, is that having less army and almost every time outnumbered army made him do the massacres. He had one simple rule! Be with us and show support or die and lot of times people either didn’t kno about them or understimdate and challenged Chingis khaan. He beat the all odds maybe thats what surprised historians much that they didn’t want to tell good side of stories of Chingis. My point of view! Bbudoyono— I did not know that. Thank you for the enlightenment. I appreciate this visit from you and your comments. The Mongol army invaded Java in 1292 but it was defeated. Chandrashekhar Kulwe— Thank you! Thank you very much! Jenda— “The Secret History of the Mongolian.” I will watch that one.

Thank you for the recommendation! The Secret History of the Mongolian.. I like it Mongolian Genghis Khans the movie. Drama many part i dont know exactly. — Thank you for visiting my Hub. I appreciate your comments. I looked for that film by the BBC. It doesn’t appear to have been released in America for some reason. Mugi— Thank you for all six of your comments. I am glad you found my article. It is a real treat to hear from a Mongolian about this topic. I appreciate the recommendation of the BBC film. I will try to rent it ASAP. And you are most welcome. — Thank you for the laudations. I am glad you like my Hub. I very much appreciate this visitation from you. I will be over soon to see what you’ve been writing lately. I saw the film “Mongol” but I was not impressed. I agree with Mugi.

Ghengis Khan wasn’t evil. Chingis Khans 4th son Ugudei Khan.He’s creating the silk road and Buy the way having the largest number of descendants and he did for modern civilization. Hunnu’s the first creators of the Mongolian State founded a powerful empire in the fourth century BC to become immortal in the history of Central Asia and Mongolia. Just watch it. I am not going to tell you the story or the plot.— Yes, I too find the Mongols fascinating. I am glad you enjoyed this article. Thank you for sharing your insights. I appreciate the visitation. It is always a pleasure to hear from you. James A Watkins – The Mongols are a very interesting topic, I think its fascinating what they did but i’m of course glad they were finally beaten. I didn’t know they ever lost in battle. Good to hear from you again. Of course it is more than OK—I appreciate the link very much and I’ll come over ASAP to read your work. I have now written an item on Chingis Khan, so I’ll put a link to this hub. I hope that’s ok?