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Now Harry was gone, the twins didn’t need her (or so she thought), and here she was, 42 years old, facing a life alone. Not that she could imagine ever marrying someone else, but a date now and then would be nice. “But who would want her? ” she mused. Not only her age, but also her weight and the fact that she had two children – surely that would run off any good man. And there are no good men anyway. They are all married, she reasoned. The way Tina saw it, her life was getting grimmer with every passing day. That is when she started feeling funny – and went to see her family doctor. Maybe he was right. Maybe a psychologist can help her. A mental health practitioner attempts to learn about the behavior and emotional state ofeach client. Imagine that you are asked to give a scientific opinion on the use of polygraphic evidence. MOST consistent with which theoretical approach? Every once in a while, Ona feels nervous to the point of terror. Read Comer: ch. 5 and watch the related presentation in the Module/Week 3 Reading & Study folder. Discuss the topic of stress. Why do people develop Stress Disorders? What ideas do you have for prevention, treatment, and recovery? Also, discuss some stressors in your own life as well as your personal methods of stress reduction and coping with stressful events.

Share to: Is homework helpful? Depends on who you’re asking. Me, I think it’s helpful practice. Share to: Need help with Physics homework.? Good luck. You’ll probably be more successful at finding some help if you reveal some of your questions. 1 best source of help is always the teacher who assigned the… homework. That’s the one person in the world who actually cares whether you can do it. What if homework is not helping you? Then it’s probably time for a tutor. Ask your teacher how to getextra help for that class so you won’t get bad grades and befrustrated! Share to: Answered In Learning Tips and Study Habits Why does homework not help? There are several websites that will provide a place for a tutor. Tutor Vista is a website that does just this. Chemistry is one of the topics which can be taught by a tutor. Share to: Answered In Learning Tips and Study Habits Where can someone find help to do their homework? As the internet grows larger and more present in our lives everyday, more children are finding help with their homework online.Through wiki’s, blogs, social media, and even li…ve chats, peoplecan find help with homework. Click the Related Question to find a lot of links to homework help! Answered In Education Where can you find help with algebra homework? You can take the help of a teacher. You may take the help ofdifferent educational sites at internet. Share to: Answered In Education Can you help me do homework? If you want help, you have to ask a specific question about whatyou want to know. You can ask things like how to figure out thearea of a circle, or what the definition of hist…rionic is. If youask, we’ll try to help.