Free Website Content – Do Articles From Directories Work Anymore? Part 1

Content is absolutely critical for any website. There is absolutely no debate over that. And yet many owners don’t have the time to write the articles for their sites by themselves nor the budget to hire a content writer. And so some of them rely heavily on content from article directories.

Still many will tell you that content from article directories does not really serve them well. Others will even tell you that they have stopped using articles from directories because they no longer work.

Is this true? Does content from directories no longer work these days? Is there a technique that you can use to make them more effective? I will answer both questions in great detail in this series of articles.

Does content from directories work well these days?
To answer this question we first need to be clear about what a site owner expects from free content from directories. I would want excellent quality content that my readers will find useful. I would also want content that helps me attract lots of traffic from search engines. I use content from article directories and I can tell you that these articles still achieve both objectives for me. But you need to look carefully for content that is perfect for your site and your prospects. Use your most important keyword phrases at your favourite article directory to help you find them.

Some folks usually break the rules and use content from directories but leave out the links in the resource box because they don’t want to direct traffic away from their sites. This is NOT a smart thing to do for many reasons. But most important is that leaving out the links does not gain your site traffic but makes you lose traffic from search engines. Here’s why. Many people know that links pointing to a site play a major role in making Google rank you highly. However what many folks don’t know is that links pointing away from your site are also very important and will also help your site rank highly.