Frida Kahlo

Essay for women in latin American history. question for reseach can be either how does Frida Kahlo’s artwork embody the suffering of women during the period in which she lived, or something about her being an example of a new kind of woman who didn’t conform to the norms of Mexican society at the time. with footnotes and annotated bibliography.

Research Essay 1 (20% of your grade) and Essay 2 (25% of your grade)

These two essay assignments are due on Blackboard before midnight on the dates in the Course Schedule. Ten points will be deducted out of 100 for every day late.

The objectives of research essays are:
1. The first and most important goal is to have you take the role of a responsible “constructor of knowledge,” in order to elaborate and answer a complex question.
2. The second goal is for you to exercise judgment and critical thinking skills in evaluating monographic sources of information, both secondary and primary, available to you as historical evidence.
3. The third goal is to increase your knowledge and challenge your assumptions of one particular area of the human past–in this case, the History of Women in Latin America.

To this end, will choose topics that interest you to research and write about.

Step One: Elaborate your research question
According to your chosen topic, read relevant passages in the class texts, PPTs and pertinent library reference sources for necessary background information. They can be particular women that you have found remarkable, or you may wish to find out more about gender-based analysis or women in a particular place and time in Latin American history. Elaborate a research question that sounds most interesting to you. Passion is important in research and writing!

Example Research Question: To what extent can we say that colonial women participated actively in independence wars in the Viceroyalty of New Spain?

During the office hours set up on Collaborate/Ultra, I will meet with you in groups of three to discuss your proposed research questions for Essay 1 on the dates in the Course Schedule. For Essay 1, you will post your research question under Questions for the Instructor .

Step Two: Annotated Bibliography
You need to include a minimum of four sources, including no more than one open web source. Monographic sources are preferable. Primary sources should be included. No class textbooks! To annotate your sources, write a brief paragraph in the bibliography analyzing the value and limitations of each source discussed and used, according to their origin and purpose. The annotated bibliography is not part of the word count.

Step Three: Research Essay
Before you are ready to hand in your essay, make sure you send me your Academic Integrity Certificate (see Academic Honesty). For this last part of the assignment, write a concise essay respecting the word limit set: Essay 1, 500 words and Essay 2, 750 words. The essays must answer the specific research questions you have elaborated. Write each essay in the form of an argument with an introductory paragraph ending with a thesis statement that will answer your research question, a body and a conclusion, expressing your view of the answer to the research question according to the evidence presented. Cite all sources of information, both as footnotes within the text and in an annotated bibliography page using only the Chicago Manual of Style. Easy to use examples of this citation style can be found at Each essay will be graded out of 100 points.

Criteria for Assessment

90-100 Grades A Excellent Demonstrates excellent understanding of concepts and knowledge, as well as critical thinking; a fully developed, structured and cohesive essay, illustrated with suitable examples; use of historical terminology; the analysis and evaluation of evidence; challenges own assumptions through awareness of alternative perspectives and subjective and ideological biases, and the ability to come to reasonable conclusions. Follows assignment, citation requirements and word limits, as well as presentation essentials: cover page, introduction, body, conclusion and annotated bibliography.
80-89 Grades B Very Good Demonstrates sound knowledge and understanding; coherent, logically structured essay using appropriate examples with use of historical terminology; analysis, evaluation and synthesis of knowledge and concepts; knowledge of theories and issues, and awareness of own assumptions and different perspectives; consistent evidence of critical thinking; the analysis and evaluation of evidence. Follows assignment, citation requirements and word limits, as well as most presentation essentials: cover page, introduction, body, conclusion and annotated bibliography.
70-79 Grades C Satisfactory Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the subject beyond paraphrasing or banal points; some ability to structure answers with acceptable examples, but with not enough clarity; some knowledge and understanding of historical terminology; some ability to defend contentions; essay is more descriptive with little analysis; some capacity to compensate for depth of knowledge and understanding through elementary evaluation of that knowledge or sources. Follows assignment, citation requirements and word limits, as well as some presentation essentials: cover page, introduction, body, conclusion and annotated bibliography.
60-69 Grades D Unsatisfactory Demonstrates limited knowledge and understanding of the subject; little organizational structure; an inadequate or lack of use of historical terminology; some, but limited ability to establish links between facts or ideas or to demonstrate critical thinking. Does not fully follow assignment, citation requirements and/or does not respect word limits.
59 or less F Failing Few or none of the above are demonstrated.